Options and Pricing

Once sending me your image, I will start off by creating a pencil draft which I will consult with you about. When we have come to an agreement I will start with the carving and let you know the estimated time of completion. I try my best to finish as quickly as possible, but it is very important to me that I also love the work I am putting out, so I may ask for extra time if needed. I will send you a picture of the print or carving when done to get your approval.
When commissioning an original piece you confirm that you like my artistic style and approve that the commission will mirror that style - unless something different is mentioned, by you, in your request.


Custom prints start at a base of $200.00.  Price will vary depending on hours worked, size, and detail. 


Custom carvings start at a base of $300.00. Price will vary depending on hours worked, size and if you choose to have board painted. 

For further inquiries, please contact me at LaurenKayePrints@gmail.com